Getting Started

What do you need to race with TEKA?


Karting New South Wales (KNSW) license and Club Membership – as a member of KNSW, to enter our race meetings all drivers must have a current KNSW licence and Club Membership. All license processes are completed online via here. Here you can also join a club within KNSW, if you are not already affiliated with one. If you are new to the sport and acquiring a new license, select TEKA as your club to become a member with us. By choosing us as your club your financial support assists us in providing the very best race meetings we can. Our club membership fee is $50 per year and runs with the financial year from July 1 – June 30.


Gather some mates! The best way to go racing is with a group of friends who share a similar passion for motor racing. The minimum number of drivers for most of our events is 2, however most will tell you that 3 is the perfect number.


Look into kart options – below are contact details for local chassis suppliers, as well as our engine ordering form and process. If you’re new to the sport, a used package might be the best option for your team. We’ll update this page with links to available packages. If there’s none listed here, contact the club to find out if we have any possible leads.


Register a kart number. Numbers currently occupied are listed in our kart number register. Contact the club to lock in a number and we will add it to the register, which reserves it for your team.


Throw the kart on a trailer and come racing. You won’t be disappointed!