Yello #81 dominates Penrite 550

What a weekend, and race the Penrite 550 was!! Boy it was hot and tested eveyone’s endurance, even the officials, fuellies, volunteers and supporters. Thank you 🙏

The start was awesome to watch with BMCM #29, Yello #81, El Toro #97, Buildline #9, and Dynamite #27 all nose to tail for 25mins plus and a few position changes along the way. Then a little further back battles happening between Yello #3, Double D #44, Wild Racing $41, RPG #90, RTR #47, Kurt Dunn Motorsports #28 and Maverick #55.

With only a couple of safety kart periods karts lapped at a sprint pace for most of the nearly 6 hrs. The team who just couldn’t be beaten on outright speed lap after lap was Yello #81, so quick winning the race 47 seconds ahead of Dynamite #27 in 2nd. The last of the outright podiums and a solid start to their 2024 campaign after being runners up last year El Toro #97.

After Buildline #9 were relegated to 5th with a minor wight infringement Yello #3 after a super strong showing a well deserved 4th outfight and solid start to their Pro campaign.

In A grade Wild Racing #41 super quick most times of the day getting the job done and winning their class follwed by Kurt Dunn Motorsports #28 and RTR #48.

In the new Heavy Class the professional race team and newcomers to TEKA RTR #47 win, ahead of Chunky Bois Racing #22 who get the Iron Man award for managing with only 2 drivers 🥵

Well done to all for such a fun Round 1 and weekend away…yes eating, drinking and racing 😂

Theres a few more keen to join us at the newly resurfaced Manning Valley where we’ll race both directions! Lots happening behind the scenes for the most epic year ahead!

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