Defending Champs Dominate Eastern Creek

Well our 2020 Championship is officially underway. What a way to begin the year under lights at the Creek. It was a massive weekend for endurance karting and Karting NSW and we are grateful to have been given the chance to be a part of it.

We need to say a huge thank you to our endurance brothers at Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW Inc., for working with us in organising the weekend and executing it. With such a limited time frame to fit both clubs races in and limited pit space, the event went off as well as we could have hoped for. Thanks also to Sportsman Enduro Karting Nsw for lending us your track safety lights for the weekend.

To our Officials, including first time TEKA Chief Steward Judy Preen, you guys are the best and we couldn’t do it without you. Karen, you chose TEKA over travelling in the Ambulance with your injured husband. You always were a bit crazy on the track and clearly still are off it! We appreciate everything you do for our club.

Competitors, 2020 has started in the same fashion as 2019 ended. We’re all on the Maverick hunt and it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get them. Nothing like a good challenge. It was great to see so many new teams on the weekend, including our two hire kart teams, one of which we might be seeing a lot more of soon. The Creek is a daunting place to debut at the best of times let alone under lights. While there might be a few nightmares still being had, you can all hold your heads high for doing your best and will be better for it next time.

See you all at Lithgow for 444 laps on April 5 – more details to follow soon.
Round 1 Results Recap

PRO Grade
1st – Maverick 1 (1st outight)
2nd – Preston Hire 15 (2nd outright)
3rd – Maverick 57 (9th outright)

A Grade
1st – Maverick Plebs 55 (3rd outright)
2nd – Double D Racing 44 (4th outright)
3rd – El Toro Racing 97 (5th outright)

B Grade
1st – Maverick 60 (17th outright)
2nd – Profan 12 (19th outright)
3rd – TEKA Preston Hire Kart 99 (22nd outright)

Photos to follow courtesy of Five Lights Photography.
Official results will be posted on the website later in the week.

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